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Mobile Communication System

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Mobile Communication System 

1. The frequency of 5G communication continues to increase. The cable needs to be optimized  and adjusted to obtain better standing wave performance. In order to achieve the 2*2 MIMO coverage and upload 5G, it is necessary to solve the  problem of bidirectional transmission and power supply of signals between the interface and  the remote internal circuit board (antenna). We developed a double-row 3D coaxial cable with  an electrified inner conductor to meet the real application of this system. (The 5G frequencyshifting MIMO indoor subsystem is modified based on the original telecommunications indoor  subsystem. The frequency-shifting management unit FSMU converts the 5G RRU signal into  a frequency band signal of 800M--2700MHz, and then combines it with the 3/4G radio  frequency signal. Output to the passive indoor distribution system; the frequency shifting coverage unit FSRU receives the frequency conversion signal in the passive indoor subsystem,  and returns to the 5G signal after filtering, amplification, and frequency conversion. The 5G  signal and the 3/4G signal directly output at the same time to work with the indoor  subsystem. Our double-row 3D coaxial cable can meet the real application of this system.)

wall-mounted antennas and ceiling-mounted antennas are widely used in mobile phone signal  enhancement systems to expand the coverage of 5G signals. The antennas need to be  connected to coaxial cables. The external pulling or twisting forces are easily to loose or  separate the inner conductor and shielding layer (outer conductor), causing poor contact or  signal distortion. Especially when these cables are quite thin. So they have to be with a better  structure and bending radius. We redesigned the cable assembly to protect and stable the  welding points during real use.

Mobile communication technology continues to develop, so does the demand for the better  signals. However for places far away from communication base stations, or signals is blocked  by tall buildings surrounding, or in basement and other places with poor signals, signals need  to be enhanced. So it is necessary to use a coaxial cable to introduce and amplifier the  external mobile signals. In normal market, there are some flat wires through windows, but  these flat wires generally are relatively small, so the joints with the connectors at both ends  are relatively weak. They can’t stand multiple bending during the real use of passing through  windows, causing the distortion, higher attenuation or other problems such as circuit  breakage. We designed a new flat cable to adapt to different applications.

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