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​Exploration Sensing Field

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Exploration Sensing Field

High-frequency coaxial cables can transmit high-frequency signals and have a wide response  range, which is very important for data transmission in exploration systems and can meet the  data transmission requirements of exploration equipment. At the same time, it has low  transmission loss, which can effectively reduce the signal in the Attenuation during the  transmission process is very important for long-distance signal transmission, ensuring that  exploration equipment receives clear and stable signals; the coaxial cable has a shielding  layer, which has good shielding performance and strong anti-interference ability, and can  effectively reduce external interference signals ; High-frequency coaxial cables can achieve  high-speed data transmission and provide reliable communication support. In exploration  systems, timely and effective data transmission is crucial to the control and decision-making of the exploration process. An important data during the exploration process is the position  (length or depth) information. This information is fed back and confirmed through the coaxial  cable. Therefore, the stability of the cable quality is very important, especially the capacitance  should be as low as possible. Also need to consider to the ease of use and portability. To  meet these requirements, we developed a low-capacitance mini RG59 coaxial cable with an  impedance of 75 ohms, and a mini T-100 coaxial cable with an impedance of 130 ohms.

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