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Automotive communication system

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Automotive communication system 

Considering issues such as weight, cables for automotive communication systems generally  are in small diameter. Coaxial cable is widely used due to its good shielding performance. Coaxial cable is composed of inner conductor, insulation, shielding and sheath. Normally high-speed braiding machines are upper traction type. The positioning of the core is mainly determined by four cylindrical bearings arranged in a tic-shaped pattern below the machine.  The tension of the core is mainly adjusted by the tension of the brake connected to the core  reel. During the core extruding process, the extruding machine will be set up in a certain  tension to make the core tight on reels. High tension introduces the deformation especially for  the thin cable. Increasing the brake on the reel will also cause the deformation. These  deformations generate internal stresses.

During the braiding, sheath extrusion, and packaging processes, the core with the shielding is  always in tight, and the internal stress can't be released. However, in the customer hands, the  cable is cut into short meters and the stress is released. Internal stress causes the core shrink, changing the cross-section of the coaxial cable, so the cable can’t be accurately cut, peeled  or welded. In many cases, this shrinking will occur after welding, especially in small-diameter  coaxial cables such as RG174 and LMR100, and cause short circuit risk. So we, on the one  hand, minimizes the internal stress during the production process, and on the other hand,  releases the stress before the core wires enter the braiding. In this way, our small-diameter  coaxial cables such as high-end RG174 or LMR100 with no core shrinking can meet high end  needs. And we have patents.

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